Christian Education
The mission of the Christian Education Ministry team is to provide opportunities for people of all ages to grow in their understanding of God and knowledge of the practice and teachings of Christianity.

Contact:  Jim Tallman  for more information.
  • Confirmation
  • Sunday School for ages 3 to 103
  • Church library
The Fellowship team is responsible for coordinating periodic meals and event to allow time for the church to grow stronger in Christian fellowship.

Contact:  Jeff Breedon  for more information.
  • Monthly Breakfast Crew
  • Serving for Special Church meetings and events
  • Coffee Hour between Sunday services
  • Ladies Lunch
  • Prayer Tree 
The Property committee consists of several teams that unite to make our church more functional and aesthetically appealing. Friendships are made and the church looks great. Most work is done on Tuesdays (from 9:00am-1:00p). All are welcome and can volunteer to help.

Contact:  Office  for more information.
  • Black and Blue Thumb Crew - Meets every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. with coffee fellowship at 11:00 am. - general building maintenance, design and execution of building projects
  • Grounds Crew- Landscaping design and upkeep, lawn mowing, equipment maintenance. 
  • Design Team

The Stewardship Team is responsible for the raising of funds for ministry and for the gathering of information concerning the skills and interests of people of the congregation to be engaged in ministry.  

Give Online to Good Shepherd (link)

The Evangelism team is responsible for events that invite new people to the church and share the love of Christ with the community.  The team also helps new members learn about Good Shepherd and our beliefs.
  • Communications -The Communications team is responsible for publicizing the programs of Good Shepherd throughout the greater Glenville community and informing congregation members about activities and mission efforts. 
Contact: Joel Holt  for more information.
Audit Committee
The Audit Committee will examine the financial and other records of the church as needed in order to assist in safeguarding the assets of the congregation. The committee will prepare a report of it's findings by March 31st for the preceding calendar year.  This report will contain appropriate recommendations based upon the audit findings and will be presented to the church leadership for review.

Contact:  Pastor Deron  for more information

Youth and Family
The Youth and Family Committee is responsible for events that engage young people and families through fellowship gatherings.  To see the latest information about Youth Events visit our Shepherd Youth Page (link)

Contact:  Darcy Rosenthal  for more information.
  • Senior Youth Grades 10-12 (Lost & Found)
  • Confirmation Youth Grades 7-9 (Confirmation Kids)
  • Junior Youth Group Grades 2-6 (FUEL)
  • Nursery
  • Family Fun Events
Worship and Music
The Worship and Music team is responsible for all the details regarding services on Sunday morning.

Contact:  Kurt Andress  for more information.
Social Ministry
The Social Ministry Committee is devoted to the growth of the ministry of Jesus Christ through service to others. We seek to provide opportunities for people to practice sharing God's love and blessing through volunteer opportunities and fundraising events. This team supports many in-house, local, and worldwide efforts to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, comfort the sick, visit the lonely, and care for the weak. We meet monthly, and have many wonderful programs going on throughout the year.

Contact:  Nicole Brown  for more information.
  • Sunshine - Our Sunshine Ministry volunteers bring comfort into the lives of members who have been sick, hospitalized, had a baby or experienced the death of a loved one.  
  • Health Cabinet - The Health Cabinet is a group of members interested in congregational health matters which meets monthly. They provide monthly blood pressure screenings and periodic health classes.  They are responsible for maintaining Good Shepherd's status as an Official Red Cross Shelter. 
  • Outreach:
        Local Charities - Code Blue, Center for Hope, Bethesda House, Joan            Nicole Prince Home, Hospice, Wave Riders, Helping Hands, Booth                House, Schenectady City Mission, Ronald McDonald House, Local                Food Pantries, BH-BL Summer Lunch Program

        Global Charities - Mi Refugio, ELCA World Hunger



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