As a congregation, we support the following charities:

  • Our "Missions of the Month"

  • January - Code Blue Saratoga Springs
    February - Confirmation Camp
    March - Center for Hope
    April - Synod/World Hunger
    May - Local Mission Trip
    June - BH-BL Summer Lunch Program
    July - Mi Refugio
    August - Jean Nicole Prince Home/Hospice
    September - Wave Riders
    October - Helping Hands
    November - Booth House
    December - Schenectady City Mission

Pastor Deron Milleville  -  Read Pastor's Bio   

Church Staff -

Office Administrator:  J'aime Ladouceur  
Office Staff:  Jodi Sitors 
Bookkeeper:  Kelly Black
Traditional Music:  Pastor Deron
Contemporary Music Director:  Cyndi Major        
Custodian: Mark Elwell 

Sunday School -

Superintendent:  Gisele Bush
Youth Leader:  Erin Gartley                 
Nursery Coordinator:  Sheryl Herbst